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White Ink PrintingWhite Ink Printing
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White Ink Printing

Printing with white may not be something you immediatly think is necessary, bearing in mind more substrates are white. Of course printing with white ink allows you immediatly to be able to print to clear films and other substrates including clear window film, perspex and acrylic, whilst it has been possible to screen print to these materials in the past that is often low resolution print but also very costly for low quantities or short runs.
Now however with a white ink option on our flat bed we can run low quantities and very high quality and really reasonable prices.
In addition to these applications it also allows you to print onto other materials, black foamex, timber, other pre coloured materials.
Another benefit is our light box graphics. Previously you have had to work within the limitations of the materials and printers available and if your graphics were not spot onĀ  there was little you could do about it, now however by adding white ink as an option you can really increase the intensity of your images and graphics.
Call for more information on how white ink can really benefit your graphics or reduce your costs, or both.

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