Artwork Printed


It is important that your artwork is set-up in the correct way. So, we have written some guidelines to help

1. Set up your artwork to ¼ size, this will allow the file to be of a manageable size yet still give excellent results.

2. Set your files to high resolution (approx 300 dpi at ¼ size is a good rule of thumb)

3. Ensure all fonts and images are embedded within print ready PDFs, or if supplying native artwork, that you also supply the fonts and images.

4. Make sure all parts of your file are constant i.e. all set to CMYK – NOT part RGB and part CMYK!

5. A bleed is required we suggest 5mm.

6. Please always supply a colour run out for us to use as a colour matching guide. We use a CMYK print process and will use this to colour match to your colours as best we can. We use state of the art colour matching software, but need to see what we are matching to in order to get a good result. If we have any problems matching to your colour we will always contact you.


7. You can supply your files to us via:
- FTP - For files >20MB (When you place an order we will contact you to provide you with a username and password to be used with our FTP server at
- E-mail - For files <20MB
- Send a disk to:

22-26 Vine Hill

8. Files can be sent to us in the following formats
- Adobe Illustrator
- InDesign
- Quark
- Tiff
N.B. If the program you are using is not listed please contact us to check.

9. If you have no artwork or would like us to make some changes to existing artwork – we are more than happy to help.

10. Thank you for choosing tdpf as your exhibition kit printer any thing we can do to help just ask

tdpf team.

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